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Savoury Sass: Disguising the Liver

WAIT! Don't run away yet, I promise this may change the way you approach innards. Mama Toum was a food ninja! She used to feed me brains, livers and hearts when I was too young to protest. Let's say about 30 years later, I decided to re-visit the organs as a means of obtaining much needed nutrients for function, performance (and child-bearing). Okay I admit I may have also been coerced by my Coach, but for good reason!

Liver is a great source of vitamin B12, vitamin A and important minerals such as copper. For all you ladies that intend on pro-creating, copper is highly recommended to maintain fertility and strengthen the blood vessels amongst other necessary functions.

If you have ever eaten liver, you will be familiar with the unique smell and taste and yes, it leave much to be desired. However, this is when creative-brain needs to fire up. I managed to create a very tasty and delicious mixture of herb and spice in these little treasures so I hope this can give you another way to get those nutrients in without having to taste the funky things.

Behold, the simple Beef & Liver Burger in Tomato Rice, using some of my favourite products (not sponsored, just legitimate ingredients and herbs I love using).



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